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About Sun Ski Golf Apartments

Sun Ski Golf Apartments is a site set up to inform, advertise and encourage friends, family and potential clients who enquire on the various properties that the owner has purchased over the years with a view to offering various types of holiday such as the website name implies in the sun, skiing or golfing. Other activities that can be found at the various destinations include beach sports, wind surfing, fishing, ski boarding, mountain biking, horse riding etc. not to mention if you feel like just relaxing this can be achieved and in all destinations where wellbeing and beauty therapies can be found.

So as you can see all the properties that can be visited offer a wide spectrum to suit the kind of holiday you would wish to have as well as encouraging participating in other activities and holidays which you had not previously considered. For example Bansko in Bulgaria is not just for skiing and winter activities, it is also ideal for a leisure,wellbeing break where one can just relax and be pampered at the same time.

All the apartments at the various locations in Spain and Bulgaria offer facilities that can suit those wishing a holiday on a self catering basis or those wishing facilities such as nearby bars/restaurants, so they are also ideal for those who wish to be flexible in their catering needs.

There are now cheap DIRECT flights with Ryanair both to Murcia, Spain ( from Glasgow Prestwick ) and now also to Sofia in Bulgaria ( from Glasgow International )

Please note ALL 3 apartments in Spain are approximately a 10 to 20 minutes drive from Murcia San Javier Airport, making them ideal for those clients who do not want a long transfer between the airport and their destination, if the client wishes they could also consider staying in one of the owners other properties in the area during their holiday or have family or friends staying in one of those properties nearby at a discounted price. 


Hopefully you would like to become part of our ‘ club ‘ and receive discounts on travelling to other apartments/locations as as loyalty bonus and after a minimum of 4 holidays (one of which must be in another country) be entitled to a 30%  one occasion discount.

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